Main Characters

Half-orc monk.

Human cleric of Bahamoot.

Human rogue.

Skeletaling sorcerer. Skeletalings are halflings changed by the necromantic energies of the Barrowlands to become sentient skeletons.

Adventures, Rogues, Mercenaries and Other Neer-do-wells

A warg rider and messenger.

The only surviving captain from Orbis Ocullus's marauder fleet. He was last seen fleeing with his aerial ramship, Night Blood.

A dwarven rogue who was injured by a poison gas trap while working with Barehands and Sorcy. He owes a dwarven blood debt to Barehands for saving his life.

A were-warg, he bears a grudge against our heroes.

A gnoll ranger.

Town of Wendover

Owner and operator of the Inn of the Flower Princess the most popular gathering site for both residents and adventures. Known for her buffalo wings.

The chief executive of the town and sponsor of the Races. Recently kidnapped by sky marauders and rescued by our heroes.

Assistant to the mayor and official liaison with adventurers.

A kobold gang.

The Wizards of Reknown

He arranged a magical trial in hidden caves below Wendover. Stories say his vast powers may have driven him insane...stores that are only spoken in a whisper for the last few centuries lest he should hear.

The greatest conjuror of his age he accidentally became a lich when he could not complete his final summoning. He seemingly disintegrated when our heroes helped him do this.


An ancient sea serpent that was trapped by Mif in the caves below Wendover. It is unclear if she is still alive.

Currently in the possession of the cleric Dragonspirit.

A crippled beholder and sky marauder. He was cursed to live time in reverse. He was killed when his ship, the Lost Soul, was hit by the aerial ramship, Night Blood.