Confederacy of Kingdoms

Town of Wendover

Airship Station

A small four dock airship station north and west of the Conjuror's Enclave and Park. It is often abandoned as airship traffic is rare in these parts.

Conjurors' Enclave and Park

An abandon manor that served as magical laboratory for conjurors. It is surrounded by an exotic and often dangerous garden of plants.


The recently destroyed central watchtower of Wendover.

Inn of the Flower Princess

The usual hangout of adventurers who visit Wendover. It is owned and operated by Granny Blinkins.

The Lost Soul

A crashed sky corvette that landed just outside of town. Now a popular bar.

Barrowlands of the Undead Clans

The vast kingdom ruled by the undead.


The skeletaling lands on the border of the Barrowlands.